AVTOMETAN Ltd. is also the exclusive representative of the Italian company SAFE SPA. SAFE manufactures equipment for methane compressor station: compressors, dryers, gas tanks, pumps. etc.


AVTOMETAN Ltd. is exclusive representative of Vitkovice Lahvarna — Czech Republic – manufacturer of cylinders suitable for all brands of cars and buses.Most spread bottles of cars are 30, 40, 56 and 70 liters. Most recommended bottles for cylinder group and trailers are 140 L and 150 L.

OMB Saleri

AVTOMETAN Ltd. is the exclusive representative of the Italian company OMB Saleri s.p.a. – company specialized in producing fittings and components for gas and hydraulic equipment.


“AGU – M” Ltd. – licensed service for installation, support and repair of (CNG) Auto Systems. The company work with components delivered by AVTOMETAN Ltd.

NGVA Europe

Since August 2003, “AVTOMETAN” Ltd. is an member of ENGVA – European Natural Gas Vehicle Association.

Metan Market
“Metan Market” Ltd.